With the LinPark payment system you do not need a ticket and nor do you need to pay on the spot.

Once you have joined you can drive in and out of the multi-storey car parks without having to do anything else. If you want to use this system for parking lots, download the free App LinPark (formerly Parking Linkoping) on to your smartphone. However, if you prefer, you can continue to pay in the ticket machines.

To gain access to this service, all you need do is to sign up as a customer on our website. You can include any number of vehicles and connect them to a VISA or MasterCard. Registration of card number is encrypted onto a secure page. If all you want to do is park in a multi-storey car park then you need do no more. Would you also like to park in the parking lots you will need to download the free App LinPark in the App Store or Google Play.

How it works

1. Connect to LinPark

Firstly, you need to create a user account. This you do by using the secure solution on our website. Scroll down the first page to the register link and we recommend that you read this before registering. The account will be linked to the car/cars that you have chosen to connect. If more than one person uses the car then everyone will log into the same account. LinPark is not able to determine who is driving into the multi-storey car park.
Various monthly subscriptions can be purchased via the Customer Portal.

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Parking lots with barriers

Having registered your car/cars as specified above, all you need do is drive to the barrier. A camera will then read the registration number and the barrier will open automatically. When exiting the parking area the registration number will be read again by a camera, the barrier will lift automatically and the cost debited to the assigned credit card. If you choose not to connect all LinPark parking options to the credit card, you can remove them from the list that is available via the Customer Portal.

If you have a parking subscription in a specific parking area that is equipped with a barrier, your registration number will be read when you access the area and again when you exit it, but your credit card will not be debited. You will not receive a parking receipt either. A parking subscription can be moved from one car to another. Access this option via the Customer Portal.

When you park your car in an area that is not covered by your subscription, your credit card will be debited at the normal hourly rate.

If you experience technical problems with LinPark you can press the Assist button located on the ticketing machine at the barrier. A member of the Customer Service team will respond and help you, they will also lift the barrier. Customer Service also has access to the subscription linked to your car.


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Parking space without barriers

Parking by the hour:
You can use the App LinPark to pay. Log in via the Customer Portal (only the first time) and choose Parking and location then choose the vehicle you wish to park. Press Park. When you exit the parking area press “Exit Parking” in the App. The cost will be debited to your card. You can also choose to have a receipt sent to you by e-mail. If you are concerned that you may forget to press “Exit Parking” when you collect your car, you can choose to receive a reminder.

Access the App and choose the parking location and press "Park".

On departure:
Press "Exit Parking". A receipt will be sent to your designated e-mail address.

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